RiveONE Whitepaper


Multirem is a Project Group designed to support and promote Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced living, environments, and lifestyles. Everything done with AR is designed to make everything already great even more–it can be personally tailored to the needs of the user, it can be specifically created for any type of usage. This is the future.

Multirem’s first product: Re-Imagined Vacation Experience “RIVE” NFT is a collection of 10,000 classic yet modern and sleek numerically stamped Exclusive Membership NFT Cards with utility.

Our core dev team is what happens when you get a creative tech guy, a sales and construction guru, an attorney with an open mind, a master of NFT artistry, and a marketing genius come together. You have most likely used one of the companies, technologies, or services that one of these people have contributed to your life over their decades worth of experience and knowledge. We have built companies that have helped to build everyday services in the real world and virtual world to make things just work better. But, we need to say, that our nimbus of light, a guide in the darkness for this company is simple, we want to push the boundaries of Meta and IRL and that is done with our Unique Membership NFT Cards, they are designed to bring you in as an exclusive member to our world. We are pushing the technology and real world boundaries of decentralized blockchain and NFT by building a Metaverse based upon IRL property that you can be a part of, in which users of the RIVE NFT can interact with, not only in virtual reality but in real life! Re-Imagine what life is like offline while controlling it online, transact with our $RIVE currency, get rewarded not only in Metaverse utilities for contributing to the Metaverse and holding or selling the Memberships, but get rewarded through IRL Experiences as well! The possibilities are endless in the Metaverse because it brings IRL to Meta…and Meta to IRL. Each NFT is a key allowing holders exclusive access to not only the Metaverse we are building, but gives exclusive access to IRL properties, exclusive membership benefits, exclusive rewards, passive earnings, a real piece of something that you can sell on the secondary market or trade in for experiences, and most importantly, you are able to earn by living life in and out of the virtual world. This is the ONLY NFT Project we know of that you can earn by taking a vacation! Real world Utility, Metaverse utility, it
is a win, win, win.

All of this is included in addition to the AR enhancements designed to make what your luxury is–more. It personalizes the world of luxury and vacation you will take making it all about you and your needs. Imagine coming to the property and you see your name on the door mat, the linens are all mapped with your initials, even the interactive items all have your names and family ready to be added to the luxury. This is the plan, this is the point of AR. And only with RIVE One can you experience this in our world and in the Meta. This Whitepaper outlines our 4 phases of how we are building a community, building in real life, and building in the metaverse to better help and assist our members’ benefit.

PHASE I: Build Our Community

This is by far the most important Phase and can determine success or failure of any project from the get go. For any project to succeed, it needs a strong and supportive community which shares the same vision of the project. This is key.

Advertisement and Recruitment

Well, word of mouth is great and so is grassroots marketing but lets be honest, most of you got into crypto because you saw someone buy $100.00 worth of bitcoin 10 years ago and now have Lambos. “Wen Lambo?” Am I right? So, you missed out on that craze, now the NFTs have some 14 year old develop his own NFT and he is now a multi-millionaire. We read the article and saw it on the news as well. This is the point of NOT missing out on the big wave of next items, not just in artwork, not just in NFTs, not just in Meta, not just in IRL, but in all of those aspects as one–the wave is creation and innovation. As we all know, if no one hears the tree fall in the woods it never makes a sound. We need our tree to grow big and strong, our project to reach the masses and give everyone an opportunity to own something and be an exclusive member they normally might not be able to be–this is your chance to join a community of those who do not just want to be IRL, who do not just want to be Meta, but want the experiences to mold and meld together. Your exclusive membership is only great if you know about it, so we have teamed up with several marketers and initial influencers for this project to help promote it. It is a unique membership opportunity that no one else is doing. Re-imagined Vacation Experiences are building and growing in both the Meta and the real. Come join us, see the marketing, come to the Discord, follow the Instagram, Tweet the Twitter, friend us on Facebook, and come be a community. That is the Marketing Plan. Oh, why not make some money while you’re at it. We might have said grassroots is weak but we still support it, and in that, you the purchaser have a chance to win for your participation in promotion as well. Pre-Sale
Throughout the run of marketing, we will have the NFTs ready for presale and when the sale is complete, they will be released via OpenSea for you to use, see, to sell, to enjoy the sleek artwork, take it for a “spin” (but one to see what we mean), and get ready for utility. We have a whitelist and definitely want to build into discord all the questions you have as the pricing is far better via the presale and white list versus the actual price.

Establish the Community

Throughout Phase 1, the marketing, the sales, the building, the giveaways, the creation, we will be building out the community, all of you. We know there will only be 10,000 NFTs for sale for the first launch, but if you are following and in the community, there will be opportunities for other launches of new NFTs, there will be access to the properties (not exclusive as an owner, but there will be specials and things for you to be aware of for just being in the community), and with you, we will be able to vote and prepare for the next steps in later phases. Owning an NFT gets you privileges but being in the community and a part of it gets you a voice.

PHASE II: Purchase, Growth, Rewards, Vacations

Buying Property

During and throughout the entire process of creating the NFT, building the website, preparing to mint the unique NFTs, and with marketing, we have also been identifying different properties throughout the United States of America to start the vacation property purchases. We have also identified multiple pre-construction properties for potential purchase as well. Lastly, we have been identifying properties of all different types (high end luxury penthouse, luxury single family homes, mid-range townhomes, and simple villas). All of these are properties that will be thoroughly upgraded to follow the highest luxury standard that RIVE holds itself to–we think of it as a place where we would want to vacation or live, let’s create that for our members as well. Main identifying locations include the following: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, New York, Utah, and Vermont. Yes, this is a wide span of locations but for our members, we believe they want to be able to travel to the biggest tourist areas with the luxury and simplicity of showing up and being ready to relax or go wild.

Tech Out the Properties

Luxury property is awesome. Beautiful locations are great. But, what differentiates the RIVEOne Member from another type of person vacationing? We introduce a fully technological experience inside of our properties. We have something called Augmented Reality (or AR for short) technology that will not only allow you to enjoy your luxury property in beautiful locations, but turn it into something more–ever want to see a story or a snow flurry by a fireplace inside–hello AR. Ever wanted to have a truly customized color and name plate experience where everything says your name on it as you enter–AR. Ever watch a sea turtle swimming on the ceiling of your bedroom before going to sleep–AR. AR is the true special ingredient to our vacation experiences. Personalize, Fantasize, and Technologize your vacation–like we said, Reimagined Vacation Experience–all brought to you by Multirem’s first major project, the RIVE One NFT Membership.


We have several internal models for the growth of the membership which in turn grows the membership rewards and incentives. As more properties become available to the membership at deeply discounted rates, we will be adding our adventures to the properties including many different luxury and designer upgrades. As the property portfolio grows, our NFT holders will be able to earn real passive income. We also see that selling the NFT in the secondary market will also highly benefit purchasers as it will create additional potential random airdrop benefits to the holder via our social games for the NFT holders. As this grows, the passive income grows and as benefits grow, the properties get more extensive, more luxurious. We envision having a rental of a giant luxury mansion on the beach for our NFT members at the price of a 1 star hotel studio. And that is without including the exclusive AR experience your NFT Membership unlocks each time it is at a property.


The NFT Holder will be getting rewards based upon several different factors such as social sale games (see our Hot Potato game), or through utilizing the membership, or once we open properties to the public, the passive income from those in the public spending money on the properties. This can also equate to free random airdrop vacations, free random upgrades, free transportation and “goodies” for our NFT members. Additionally, each RIVE NFT token passively yields rewards and benefits to the members, and this starts upon the purchasing and usage of the vacation rentals. The more the NFT is used, the more rewards it passively can yield. The more the vacations are used by members and others, the more
rewards and bonuses it yields to the holder.


Anyone who has been on vacation has been on a good vacation and has been on a bad vacation. We have all enjoyed the amazing times and we have needed a vacation from when we got back from a bad vacation. This membership does away with that concern or fear. We make it easy for you, the traveler, to enjoy spacious and luxurious high end accommodations without being surrounded by the many. You get to have your own home away from home with luxuries you might get to normally experience in exclusive locations, exclusive neighborhoods, and the best part, you earn as you vacation with us through your unique NFT. You unlock special adventures available at each unique vacation property with your NFT. You get to have access to social events, parties, venues, and other events because you won the NFT. This is the way to vacation. Now add that to our AR Experience and you have the greatest experience ever for vacationing–and all those social events and parties–AR enhanced for your viewing and experience pleasure. Just wait till we add the scent enhancers–be ready for an experience outside of the

PHASE III Expansion

Property Expansion

As we get more properties into the collection, we will have more to offer members of the community. We will also be having different events such as the “find the next property” and win exclusive first dibs plus rewards for being the one who found it. As we expand the properties we will diversify the areas even great to which we are offering vacation. We will also offer additional adventures for people to be a part of and experience as we expand the amount of properties available.

Community Expansion

As the membership will be constant, we will be expanding to new endeavors and new prospects which will in turn offer new expansion and opportunities for our members to partake and enjoy such as additional NFT membership opportunities as well as additional income. You will also have a voice in the program and be active in its participation.

Earning Expansion

As the NFT Membership begins to earn passive income from its revenue generation, more earnings will happen more frequently for current and future NFT members. NFT Members will also be able to lease or sell their NFTs on the secondary market for additional income and as RIVE becomes more successful, so will the price of the Membership. The Membership NFT is being sold below the actual retail evaluation of the project so buying in on the pre-sale and even the first several resales of the NFT if you so choose will make you additional earnings. This is the next generation of earning.

Meta Expansion

As we build the property inventory IRL we will also start building within the Metaverse to have you be able to visit the properties virtually. All NFT Members will get exclusive benefits and adventures within the Metaverse of RIVE properties and be able to earn passive income from all non-members visiting the properties. As we expand there is a world of opportunity in the Metaverse that RIVE will be one of the first of its kind to branch from IRL to Meta and back–this could even be done and while using the Oculus VR Platform as we are planning.

Technology Expansion

Multirem is a company that is designed around the concept of pushing the limits of our reality–AR can do this for us. The more real things look, the more real it feels; the more real it feels the more real your experience becomes. As technology for AR and holograms get better, so does the experience. We will continue to expand the technological envelope, implementing and developing the best AR experience not only in vacations for the RIVE One, but in all the projects to come. RIVE One is the ground floor, vacations enhanced with AR. It is time to live it.


The RIVE Swap will be implemented so Members and vacationers can pay via different crypto currencies at discounted rates and benefits based upon the cryptocurrency used. We are starting this on an Ethereum EVM L2 blockchain that is high-throughput, scalable, and future-safe platform, with low transaction costs for the users. Current features we are considering are: a simple and intuitive UI, high speed decentralized trading with low fees, ability to swap and provide liquidity any ERC20 tokens, liquidity providers incentives for staking and utilizing the membership, NFT auto staking, NFT lending and leverage, RIVE program to bootstrap help launch NFT projects ideas from the RIVE Community members,
and continued purchasing of properties to add to the RVIE vacation portfolio

Mobile App

While we will need to wait for the VR technology and the next computing platform to mature and support NFT, we plan to initially build RIVE NFT Metaverse with today’s technology, that is on mobile OS. The plan is to build a mobile application on iOS and Android to seamlessly integrate with RIVE NFT and host as a wallet for RIVE NFT and Rewards. The app could allow you to spend rewards with RIVE for adventures, vacations, and other events and social outings that are exclusively accessible to Members only. The app would also have a social gaming feature enabling RIVE NFT Members to join an online multiplayer game quest for raiding or solving a puzzle while messaging with other members.

Legal Disclaimer

*Full Legal Disclaimer. This legal disclaimer section must be read in its entirety. If you have doubts, seek legal, financial, tax or other qualified law professional’s guidance. Everything in this White Paper is designed to give a perspective and nothing in it is an offer for consideration of anything at all. Everything listed is an aspirational endeavor designed to showcase what could possibly be, not what is or will be. No one under the Multirem or RIVE One banner is promising or offering anything listed in this white paper or anywhere else for that matter. The readers of these documents shall indemnify Multirem or RIVE One for any type of legal issues they experience due to this project or anything else provided for by Multirem or RIVE One. Everyone involved in this project or reading these documents shall hold harmless any of the creators, founders, agents, contractors, or employees of Multirem or RIVE One due to anything they might face that could, might, or does cause any type of harm, legal or otherwise, to the reader, purchaser, investor, or member. Multirem, RIVE One, and its members deny any liability and assert that anyone reading this white paper does their own research, this is not legal documentation designed to inform or educate–it is for entertainment purposes only and solely. This is for entertainment purposes only. Everyone must do their own research and decisions. This document or anything from Multirem shall be considered for entertainment purposes only and shall not be considered as an offer or guarantee in any way. All readers, users, investors, purchasers, or anyone that is connected in this document agrees to and shall indemnify Multirem and RIVE Club, LLC, its founders, agents, members, employees, and or contractors for any harm caused by this document or anything offers by Multirem, Rive Club, LLC and its affiliates, members, founders, owners, or agents. All individuals shall hold harmless Rive Club, LLC, Multirem, and its affiliates, members, founders, owners, or agents for any type of harm, negligence, acts, or omissions from this document and its products produced or created. There is nothing in this document that is a promise or guarantee in any manner and shall be construed as aspirational and for entertainment purposes only and solely. Any litigation that derives from Multirem, Rive Club, LLC, or any of its affiliates, owners, members, founders, agents, or any one or entity involved within its actions for an act or omission, shall be paid by the party bringing such suit, no matter which prevailing party. Any reader of this document or
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