Multirem is an augmented reality (known commonly as “AR”) technology company specializing in augmenting the reality in spaces.  We take the extraordinary and make it even more better, more immersive, and just, well, more.  It is our goal to be the world’s premier AR producer of individualized content.  If you like technology and want your life to become–more…this is the way to go. 

Our flagship product, the RIVE One, standing for Re-Imagined Vacation Experiences, is a membership NFT that will give the holder access to luxury vacation properties around the globe that will be extensively enhanced by AR.  Picture visiting an exclusive property that the elite normally only have access to, it is personalized and welcoming to you and your friends and family; and it is completely upgraded technologically with AR experiences–want an escape house? Check. Want a house filled with flowers? Check.  Want to go on an adventure with a Sea Turtle and never leave the living room? We got that covered.  Ever wanted to sleep under the stars or watch snow falling from the comfort and safety of your bed?  We can do that too! With your RIVE One NFT Membership, the experiences, and rewards, are endless.  Did we forget to mention, you earn as you use, and earn as others use too! What can be better? 

Read why our flagship product RiveONE will revolutionize travel and the augmented reality space. RiveONE Whitepaper

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How It Works

MULTIREM provides unique vacation experiences by combining augmented reality (AR), exclusive vacation properties, and over the top amenities. Members are provided a unique NFT to track their membership benefits as well as having a ledger for tracking sales of their membership.

Unparalleled Experience

MULTIREM utilizes cutting edge technology to enhance your vacation
Custom made augmented reality experiences take place in the comfort of our rental properties

Our Properties

Our property selection will consist of high end vacation homes and properties
Our expanding portfolio will be at sought after locations. Enjoy our properties and the surrounding area.


From AR, NFT's, to Web3, MULTIREM continues to break ground for our members enjoyment
Our mission is to deliver the best in class experience for our members by leveraging emerging technologies


We are active with our community and listen t our members feedback
Being close to our members allows us to curtail experiences that best suit our community

Why NFT?

As an NFT, the membership becomes an asset to the token holder, which can later be sold, transferred, or leased to others on the secondary market. By utilizing NFT’s, MULTIREM is able to create a loyal, member-community that we can provide special experiences for. NFT’s create new modernistic financial models, which will allow MULTIREM to deliver an exceptional and sustainable products for years to come.

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March 2022
January 2023
First Info Release of Augmented Reality for RIVE One Properties